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Golf has a long and varied history and is one of the oldest sports in the world. Although there is much debate over its origins, there is no denying that the game has had a profound impact on culture.

The Daily Tee has prepared a list of 25 of the most extraordinary, mind-blowing, and just bizarre facts about the history and present of golf. Enjoy!

1) Breaking Barriers

Babe Zaharias shot 76 and 81 in the opening two rounds of the 1945 Los Angeles Open to become the first and only female golfer to make the cut at a PGA TOUR tournament, long before Annika Sorenstam participated in the 2003 Bank of America Colonial.

2) Break Needed

Samuel L. Jackson, one of the most well-known actors in the world, enjoys playing golf a lot. In fact, the actor who starred in movies like “Pulp Fiction” and “Django Unchained” has a contract requirement that he plays golf twice a week whenever he shoots a movie.

3) Fortune Teller

Doug Ford foresaw not just his triumph at the 1957 Masters, but also his winning score of 283. Ford’s predictions came true exactly as expected, and he was fitted for his one and only green jacket. Ford might be a distant relative of Nostradamus.

4) Nearly Impossible

Is there anything that can compare to the feeling of making a hole-in-one? How about two rounds in one? Kassandra Komma of Oakland University recently accomplished that, collecting two ones on her nine-hole scorecard. However, the chances are exceedingly slim—one in 64 million!

5) Splash!

Approximately 125,000 balls are launched into the sea around the iconic island green 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass each year. 44 balls were misplaced during the 2013 Players Championship. But more news coverage was given to two misfired shots than any other. Sergio Garcia, who was going for his second Players Championship, made a premature quadruple bogey seven at the 17th hole.

6) Righty Tighty, Lefty Lucy

Despite being the most well-known left-handed golfer of all time, Phil Mickelson is a right-handed person by nature. He imitated his father’s swing when he was younger and was so successful that he never used right-handed clubs.

7) Grand Finale

Lew Worsham had an amazing finish in the 1953 World Championship of Golf, the first golf match to be broadcast nationally. Chandler Harper needed a birdie to avoid a playoff, but Worsham holed out for an eagle from 104 yards on the 72nd hole to edge Harper by one stroke.

8) Mighty Condor

Imagine scoring a hole-in-one on a par-five course; they are even rarer. It has only been confirmed four times that this extremely uncommon shot, sometimes known as a condor, actually exists!

9) Rain or Shine…and Snow

Eisenhower, Dwight Kennedy, John F. President Obama. These are only a few presidents who are connected to golf. However, Woodrow Wilson is frequently forgotten. He played golf frequently and was so committed that he even played in the snow with black golf balls!

10) Moonwalking

Golf and the javelin throw are the only two sports that have ever been played on the moon. Alan Shepard, a member of Apollo 14, struck a ball with a six-iron on February 6, 1971, hitting it one-handed due to his pressure suit.

11) The Power of Golf

She is adored by millions for her strong voice, which she used to perform hits like “The Power of Love.” But golf enthusiast Celine Dion also owns a course, the Le Mirage Golf Club in Terrebonne, Quebec.

12) Age is Just a Number

The tales have been told to you before. Maybe you even saw them for yourself. In two rounds, a 90-year-old man breaks the 90-year barrier. An avid golfer turns 66 while shooting 66. But nothing comes close to Kermit Dannehl’s accomplishments, who has shot 1,138 rounds at or below his age! Age really is just a number, thus it’s obvious that the proverb is still true.

13) Illegal – Starting in 1457

Scotland’s Parliament outlawed golf because it was deemed to interfere with citizens’ military training. In 1471 and 1491, this restriction was reinstituted twice more. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews was established about 300 years later.

14) Bird…ie

Ab Smith made a shot in 1889 in Atlantic City, New Jersey that he called a “bird of a shot.” In the end, his description gave rise to one of the game’s most well-known words, which golfers frequently strive for: “birdie.”

15) Tees…  Who Needs ’em?

Golfers used to play off of manually constructed sand piles before the invention of tees. Naturally, all of that changed when tees were created and became widely used in the 1920s. on Sunday, losing the tournament and two balls in the process.

16) Walk It Off

You will walk about four miles and burn 2,000 calories if you choose to walk rather than ride 18 holes. Golfers who use carts, in contrast, expend roughly 1,300 calories.

17) Bring Your Benjamins

The most costly public course in the US is Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas, which charges $500 for an 18-hole round. The Tom Fazio-designed course is frequently included by Golf Digest as one of “America’s 100 Greatest Public Courses” and is well known for its celebrity sightings.

18) Speed Round

The LPGA Tour’s fastest round was completed by Alice Miller, who played 18 holes in an hour, 26 minutes, and 44 seconds. The record was set in the 1997 Welch’s/Circle K Championship’s final round.

19) A True Golf Fanatic

Richard Lewis played 11,000 holes of golf between the first of the year and the last day of 2010 to break the all-time record! Amazingly, he played every hole at the Four Seasons Resort and Club in Irving, Texas.

20) Here’s Johnny!

Ed McMahon, best known as Johnny Carson’s endearing sidekick, presided over a PGA TOUR competition from 1975 to 1979. Celebrities like Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope attended today’s John Deere Classic, the Ed McMahon – Jaycees Quad Cities Open.


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